Faux Rock Wall FencingThe RhinoRock wall panel outer shell is constructed of a high performance concrete that is heavily fiber reinforced. The interior of the panel is an expanded polystyrene foam core. The combination of the tough concrete shell and the foam core yields a panel that is strong, yet light weight. This unique structural desgin yields a panel that is 90% lighter than a typical concrete fence panel and only weighs 230 lbs. The column is a solid precast concrete and is the same patented column system that has been used in our heavy concrete fencing since 1995. This system has stood the test of time. Download Spec Sheet for more technical details. The RhinoRock concrete fence panel meets a 120 mph exposure B and 100 mph exposure C International Building Code wind load requirement.


RhinoRock ships in a natural concrete color and requires staining onsite.
RhinoRock Colors